happy-customersWith literally hundreds of five star ratings and positive reviews, Charles has proven his success time and time again. Listed below are just a few outstanding testimonials from clients he has worked with:

September 6, 2014
For over two decades, Charles has been my “tax guy,” providing meticulous work, thoughtful guidance, and true expertise. You will not find a tax consultant more thorough, dependable, and dedicated to your tax preparation needs. My wife and I resolved years ago to entrust Charles–and Charles alone–with our complicated taxes.
Dane M.

July 30, 2014
Simply outstanding!
When you hire someone sight unseen from the Internet you sometimes may get that strange feeling in the pit of your stomach as you wonder “is this person professional?” “Are they legit?” “Can I trust him?”

I had all of those concerns. Add to the fact that you can get into hot water quickly with regard to taxes and associated issues and you are talking some potentially sleepless nights.

Enter Charles Markham.

Charles is an interesting professional in that he takes time, patience and is respectful of you as an individual. He’s sensitive to your fears, concerns and he fights strongly for you.

Oh, and he knows his way around taxes. Very, very well:
1. I entered into a previous agreement with the IRS
2. I contact Charles (I should have done this first)
3. He worked to have over $22K owed in back taxes reduced to less than $5K – within a year
4. He had my monthly payments reduced – twice

Since he has such a down to earth disposition, he is someone I consider a friend. His personality quickly puts you at ease and is calming. Don’t discount this important aspect of a tax professional! I think he knows his stuff so well that he is not stressed about what he does – a knowledgeable confidence that is very soothing and allows you to relax knowing you are in good hands. The ability to sleep at night is very important – Charles helped me with that. He’s also, humorous – not something one readily thinks of regarding tax professionals.

Each victory Charles obtained for me, he was excited about! I mean really excited about lol. I’m not making a move in the tax realm without Charles. Period.

I can’t recommend him highly enough.
Glen W.

July 29, 2014
Best-in-class; Charles is one of those rare providers who has the skill-set to do that which most cannot–solving problems completely. He takes the time to identify your exact situation, and knows the rules better than those he will engage on your behalf. Above all, Charles is fair and straight, which is exactly what is needed when hiring a financial expert..
Michael M.

July 29, 2014
Due to what I considered a complicated tax situation, I was a non-filer for several years (and paralyzed with fear). A friend referred me to Charles. Immediately I knew I made the right decision. He has a “no nonsense” approach with his clients and a unique style to solving tax problems (which I admire). He is a “big picture” kind of guy. He knows all the angles and has the education, experience and professional chops to back it up. I have since referred many clients to Charles.
Linda D.

November 3, 2012
We are very pleased to have found Charles. He has proven himself to be an expert in the field of tax preparation. He is meticulous and thorough. He has earned our trust and and we look forward to working with him in the future.
Rob Wilson, Vice President

March 5, 2010
Charles has been our “Tax Therapist” since our kids were in diapers — he is truly the tax pro and we’ll be using him until we’re in diapers.
Mark Wise, Interactive Design & Marketing

May 26, 2009
I have used Charles to do my personal taxes for a couple of years now, and I am extremely happy with his service. In fact, there is no comparison between the care and attention Markham & Co. gives versus other vendors. Thanks to Charles, my taxes have never been more painless and he is extremely thorough. Charles is intellectually curious and a creative thinker. He is…more.
T. Thomas, AICP, Planning Director & Zoning Administrator

February 23, 2009
My former small business and my household accounts have benefitted from Charles’s services since 1994. Thanks, Charles!
A. Kirsch, Blogger, Copy editor

June 27, 2008
Charles has been our personal tax accountant for close to 10 years and has been a valuable SME (subject Matter Expert) for our business for the past 6 years as well. He is personable, very knowledgable and very sharp. He can also provide unbeatable value in a payroll solution for your company.
Jonas Georgsson, Owner, Enaxis Consulting LP

Charles is extremely knowledgeable. Not only has he helped me solve some very confusing tax puzzles, but he also had a hand in saving a real estate deal. He is funny, honest, professional, and fast. He always answers his phone or calls right back. If you decide to work with Charles, you might actually look forward to tax time!

I can’t recommend him highly enough.
Kimberly Robb Baker, High-ROI Executive Resume Writer ★ LinkedIn Profile Writer ★ Executive Job Search Coach

Okay, where to start. Ever felt like you were just a number to your tax professional? Ever waited days to hear back from the professional you’re paying extremely high fees to? Ever had a question, but held back because you were embarrassed to ask? Ever had a bad taste left in your mouth from tax season? And finally, ever overpay? If you answered “yes” to any of the above, contact this provider now. The entire experience was unbelievable. ( The provider treated me like a VIP client, even though it was our first tax season together. The response time was lightning fast. (I mean sometimes-within-minutes fast!) He walked me through each and every question I had. (There were a lot.) And for the first time since I’ve been doing my taxes, I understand what is going on, can plan for next year, and work with the provider to be proactive instead of reactive. Oh, and did I mention he got me money back? So if VIP treatment, lightning fast response time, learning about your taxes, and money back interest you, contact this provider now. Don’t take my word for it, though. Contact this provider, and see for yourself.

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