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All right, now you’ve made it this far. That’s pretty good. We have now given you a veritable plethora of options for ways to reach out to us. You can call, chat, send a message by filling out the handy little form below, connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook. Like I said, a plethora of options.


Now, let me just make one comment about the online chat feature. First off, I just love online chats and I really love chatting at strange hours and have a real live human being chat me back! Now, when you chat with us, you are going to be chatting with a real live tax solving expert (me), and I work very strange, late hours, so go ahead and try chatting late at night–I just might be there. But please, don’t be put off if I’m not. When I am, I am, and when I am not, I am not.  Also, please send a chat, and leave the window open and just keep an eye on it. Honestly, it make takes me a while to notice. (I am not staring at the screen, waiting for a chat to pop up, we’re busy solving tax problems and we happen to notice your chat window.) So please send a chat, go have a cup of coffee, and check back in ten or 20 minutes.

Calling us

Charles doesn’t bite, and I love phone calls. Call us at our office any time day or night. Once again, you might catch us in at 781-659-6600. Better yet, make a phone appointment using our phone appointment. It works like a charm.

    Please mail packages to:
    PO Box 628
    Nowell, MA  02061-0628

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