Tax Problems



So, by definition, there are two kinds of people that are reading this page. First off, there are you “tire kickers” out there. That’s probably most of you. You are here just looking around. You don’t have a tax problem, but you are seeing what there is to see. You are like the neighbor that stops in at the Open House. (“Always did wonder what their house was like on the inside.”)

For you folks, the most important point of this little detour is for you to know is that if you do become a tax preparation client, I will work very hard to make sure you don’t become a tax problem client.

But if something should happen… if, God forbid, you do get audited; if one year, you wind up owing a lot of money to the IRS and don’t have the money, well, it should be comforting for you to know that these are areas of tax practice that I am extremely experienced in. I am ready to sally forth and go gallantly forward on your behalf. (Okay, maybe the King Arthur stuff was a little thick just then.) Anyway, that’s the aspect of this for you.

You can move along now to something else of interest, or hang around, suit yourself.

Now that would leave the rest of you here, who by definition do have a tax problem, or would not be reading this page. First off, it is interesting to me that you found this website as I have not as a general rule advertised my tax problem resolution services. This website is not designed in large part to further advertise them. This website is really my generic local tax preparation website. (And by the way, here’s a little secret, I really didn’t design this website to generate new tax prep leads, but in fact to scare them off!…Each year, I only have a few new slots, so I figured the more I could just put out there about myself, the more I could stop wasting my time talking to those who don’t eventually become clients.)

But, I honestly am looking for tax problem clients (at least after tax season) because I love helping you guys. But again, this site isn’t really a tax problem resolution website. I prefer to have this problem information on other separate websites. (As an example, right now we are working on a new website specifically targeted on IRS tax liens that mess up real estate deals.)

On this website, you will find a lot of information about me so you can at least check me out. Most of the testimonials are from tax problem clients. And I know that some of you really like to study things and study me before you make a call. So, please do.

The most important thing is that you reach out to me and let’s have a conversation about your tax problems. I promise you the following: You will not have any sort of high-pressured (or even low-pressured) sales call. Nothing in the slightest. Frankly, I could care less whether you hire me or not. You will get up to an hour of very experienced advice on your tax problem on what I think you should or shouldn’t be doing. This is a free consult and is very valuable.

What I will be doing on the call is several things: First and foremost, I am going to be trying to evaluate your problem. I will be offering you completely free advice on what to do. I will not be secretive or oblique. In fact, I will tell you exactly what I would recommend you do next and how I would handle your situation whether I am involved or not. (Frankly, I hate seeing people mess things up with their tax situations so I am happy to give out this advice at no charge.)

In the phone interview, I will be diagnosing your situation and trying to figure out what has happened. Sometimes that is not easy because oftentimes you aren’t able to be clear on everything that has transpired. Also, while you will be wondering if you can or want to work with me, I am going to be evaluating if I can assist you, and if we’re a good match.

I promise you this: I won’t propose any sort of engagement unless I am sure I can make a difference. Normally I will outline my exact plan. Often, I will begin cases with no retainer and only propose a fee (if I do at all) after an initial investigation of IRS records confirms that I can be of assistance.

My method is different from all the others. (I know, you’ve heard that one before.) Most of the other tax problem resolution houses are super focused on getting you to pay their fee. You’ll understand what I mean when you talk to me. Ultimately, I don’t work for free, but my fees are the least of my concerns. My main concern is whether or not I can actually help you. The sad truth is many times, I can’t. Or sometimes, it just doesn’t make sense for you to engage anyone such as myself, and guess what–I will tell you this. At least that’s my honest opinion anyway.  Typically, I only wind up offering my services to about one-third of the tax problem prospects that make contact with me.

How do we work? Well, ultimately, we employ many of the same tools as anyone else: The Offer in Compromise, “Currently Not Collectible,” Installment Agreement, etc. However, we dig deep. I will carefully examine everything that has happened in your case. And sometimes I find the most unusual solutions.

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