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I am here to help my clients in dealing with the financial trials and tribulations that life brings you.  However, please note that my slant on these problems is often a bit different. I only offer these additional services to my tax clients. I see preparing your taxes as the hallmark of a full picture of your finances. In addition, I often prefer that we start working on some of these issues years in advance. (For example, if you want to begin working on financial aid strategies, talk to me while your child is a sophomore.)

– I can assist, evaluate and offer suggestions to maximize your family’s opportunities for financial aid. Please note that this is not a simple “filling out the FASFA form” service but a much more comprehensive review that you may find quite innovative. Also, I may simply tell you that your opportunities are limited (or at least limited in what I can accomplish). There are other financial aid coaches that I am aware of and I am happy to make referrals. This service is only available to my tax clients.

STUDENT LOAN MANAGEMENT – One of the biggest problems that a recent graduate can face is graduating with a mountain of student loan debt. There are a few things that you may be able to do. One of my favorite programs involves debt forgiveness after ten years of working for the government or a non-profit. This may be something to look into, but is not so simple as getting a job working for a school. You have to consolidate your loans, get on a particular type of repayment plan, and THEN get them annually recertified. Finally, you are well advised to file your taxes a certain way. I can walk you through this entire process. There is a link to the official program information here.

AFFORDABLE HOUSING – You might be surprised to learn that you could qualify for a subsidized affordable housing unit here in Massachusetts. I have been very active in the local affordable housing movement and frankly you have to be almost a “perfect poor person” to get a unit. Because of this, there are literally empty units sitting around waiting for owners in this state. That being said, it is very difficult to qualify. Ask me about this, and I can do an initial analysis to explain if you are even in the ball park. This may be a 6 to 24 month process to get you ready to file an application. You need a steady income (not too much income), good credit, etc.

– I have just lived through the issues surrounding eldercare and applying for MassHealth for an aging parent. I can walk anyone through the process. In general, I would tell you the sooner you begin the better due to the five year look back rules.

ESTATE SETTLEMENT – If a loved one has passed away, and you need to prepare the estate tax returns, I can assist in this process.

As you can see, I am here to help my existing clients with almost any financially complicated event that life can throw at you. Lucky for you, I have been there.

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