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Secure Client Portals to Upload Documents

As a service to our clients that prefer having an internet based “portal” to upload documents to us (as opposed to simply mailing them to us in a package) we do offer this as an option. HOWEVER, we do not prefer or recommend this option and offer it solely as a convenience to those clients that find it to their liking. First off, despite how ‘secure’ and encrypted this site we offer is, and yes it is, recent events in the news have shown that nothing on the internet is really secure. Dropping something in the mail to us and snail mailing it is the best practice with maximum security!

If you would like us to open a portal for you, please request one via the form on the Contact Us page. If you do not receive, please check your “spam folder”. You should then try to upload all documents to this portal for your taxes. At the end of this year (12/31), this data will be deleted, unless you request that we delete it sooner.

The ability to make payments online is no longer available as our vendor (Intuit) discontinued this service.  Sorry!


Client Forms Library

(there will be more)

IRS Form 8821.

Kindly note, you MUST sign this form with a “wet” signature–no digital or typed signatures.

Then please fax it to me at 781-659-6610 or scan (pdf please) and email it to me, or you can always snail mail it.

Here are some links to resources that I will on occasion refer clients to:

STUDENT LOANS: This is Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program that I think is so interesting that everyone should at least try to see if they can qualify for.




We’re still adding features to this page, in the meantime, enjoy this YouTube Video, When I grow up, I want to be a Tax Accountant…



Okay for all of you who don’t have checks, and like to pay things online, I have arranged to allow you to make secure payments online.  When you click on the link below it takes you to a secure processing website (that is separate from here–nothing is stored on this website) and you can enter in a check payment.
Use the address on your checks, don’t worry about “shipping address” and don’t bother to fill in the stuff you
don’t have to fill in.  Okay, got it?  Now click on the button below and make that payment. There’s a $2500 limit,

by the way.

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